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The mountain tourist resort of Golte nad Mozirjem has embarked on the new winter season with a new four-star Hotel Golte, which is regarded as one of the most modern of the comparable mountain resorts in Slovenia. Golte has combined exceptional natural features with a modern and lively range of tourist services. The hotel features modern architecture that blends well with the surroundings of this high karstic plateau on the eastern margins of the Savinja Alps, and is situated at an altitude of 1410 metres next to the upper station of the Žekovec cable lift. This is an excellent starting point for skiers, since it is right there at the slopes, and it offers magnificent views of the Savinja Valley, the Savinja Alps and the eastern Karavanke range.


Rogla – MšinŽaga – Funpark

Slovenija / Savinjska / Zreče / Rogla – MšinŽaga – Funpark

Rogla – Mašinžaga pogled 2

Slovenija / Savinjska / Zreče / Rogla – Mašinžaga pogled 2

Celjska Koča – web kamera

Slovenija / Savinjska / Celje / Celjska Koča – web kamera

Celje – ljetni bazen

Slovenija / Savinjska / Celje / Celje – ljetni bazen

Rogla – Planja, Košuta, Jasa

Slovenija / Savinjska / Zreče / Rogla – Planja, Košuta, Jasa


Krvavec webcam livestreaming

Slovenija / Gorenjska / Krvavec / Krvavec webcam livestreaming

Skijalište Pohorje – Areh –  Ruška

Slovenija / Podravje / Maribor / Skijalište Pohorje – Areh – Ruška

Gornja stanica uspinjače

Slovenija / Gorenjska / Skijalište Stari Vrh / Gornja stanica uspinjače

Skijalište Zoncolan – Al Cubo

Italija / Furlanija-Julijska Krajina / Zoncolan / Skijalište Zoncolan – Al Cubo

Ski center Platak web kamera

Hrvatska / Primorsko-Goranska / Platak / Ski center Platak web kamera


Webcam Rab – event

Hrvatska / Primorsko-Goranska / Rab / Webcam Rab – event

Event webcam – Rab

Hrvatska / Primorsko-Goranska / Rab / Event webcam – Rab