Panorama of Lake Bled

  • Date: Feb. 22, 2017
  • Map

Bled is by far the country’s most popular destination. Thanks to its placid fairytale lake and island, this small town is the top choice for travelers who want to spend relaxing holidays in Slovenia. The castle is perched 120 meters on a craggy bluff on the northern shore. The first trace of human settlement dates from the Stone Age.

Sports Centre Pokljuka - Rudno Polje

Slovenia / Bohinj

Ski resort Rudno

Slovenia / Železniki

Soriška Planina - Slatnik

Slovenia / Sorica

Ski resort - Soriška Planina

Slovenia / Sorica

Lake Bohinj - Ribčev Laz

Slovenia / Bohinj

Ski resort Stari Vrh - Lower station

Slovenia / Stari Vrh Ski Resort

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