Webcam Lloret de Mar - Playa principal

  • Date: 22 de Febrero de 2017
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Lloret de Mar is situated in the southern part of the Costa Brava, 70 kilometres to the north east of Barcelona. This is one of the Mediterraneans most popular resorts and certainly the liveliest holiday spot on this stretch of the Spanish coastline. The beaches of Lloret are extremely well kept and washed by crystal clear waters. T

Webcam Lloret de Mar - La Playa

Espana / Lloret de Mar

Webcam live Lloret de Mar - Playa

Espana / Lloret de Mar

Roses - Puerto pesquero  y la bahía de Roses

Espana / Roses

Roses - Costa Brava - playa La Perola

Espana / Roses

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Italia / Stintino


Italia / Levanto

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