Promote your business in real-time via Live stream

  This offer is ideal for businesses from hospitality, leisure or sports sectors, that could greatly benefit from integrating a live video content into their website. Stream events, locations or other business activities that will attract the attention of your potential customers and clients. Live streaming webcams are a perfect marketing tool which can help you to:
  • add interesting content to your website,
  • increase your website traffic,
  • attract new customers,
  • establish new business opportunities.

Attract new customers

  Today's customers are much more demanding than in the past due to almost endless possibilities, and a vast array of information that can be found on the internet. The crucial assets for your business are transparency, the ability to stand out and a user-friendly purchase experience. For this reason our webcams can give you an advantage over your competitors. By allowing your potential customers to experience your product or location beforehand, you can make it easier and safer for them to decide upon the purchase of your products or services. Our Regular offer includes unlimited use of our live streaming webcam, our streaming service and a widget (Iframe code) for easy live stream integration to your website. The service price for a period of two years amounts to €349.00 + VAT. For every subsequent year, webcam rental and maintenance costs are lowered to €50.00 + VAT/year* *If the camera needs to be replaced, the final cost can vary [contact-form-7 id="14695" title="Host a cam"]