Banner Advertising

Online banner ads are a great digital marketing tool for companies that wish to promote a specific business offer. At What’s Up Cams, we offer you a wide network of live-streaming webcams, set at specific locations, that allow for a targeted and strategic advertising, with ads placed directly on the live-stream.

Your banner ad can be static or animated, with dimensions 320 × 50 px or 320 × 100 px, and displayed in rotation with 15 sec visibility. By clicking your ad, the potential costumers can easily connect with your website or an advertising offer.

In order to optimize the advertising results, we offer you targeted and strategic advertising with a customized advertising strategy, which allows us to reach your core target groups via relevant web portals, thus amplifying the effects of your advertising campaign.

Available buying options are cost-per-click (CPC) or monthly buy. Price depends on the camera location and ranges from €50.00 + VAT and upwards. For detailed pricing options for a specific camera you wish to advertise on, please send us your inquiry.



How does a Banner ad look on the What’s up cams player?


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